The Margaret Court controversy

Margaret Court has won more major tennis championships than any woman tennis player in history. For that, she has been awarded an MBE and AO. She also has a major stadium named after her. But even though she finished playing tennis decades ago, in the January 2021 Australia Day Honours she received Australia’s top honour — Companion of the Order of Australia (AC) — for service to tennis.

Margaret Court [i]

Court has been surrounded in controversy for many years because of her attitude to the LGBTIQ community. She is a pastor at her own Pentecostal church.

In the Murdoch/NewsCorp The Australian newspaper…

A Christian business leader and LGBTQ advocate speaks out

January 2020, I was flying home via Los Angeles from Fort Lauderdale after attending the Q Christian Conference. Two flight before boarding the long flight to Sydney, I became engaged in a Twitter war around whether the disastrous bushfires encompassing Australia resulted from climate change or arson. With the very long layover in LAX (fortunately in the Emirates Lounge before my Virgin Australia flight), the war between the political right continued in a frenzy as many News Corporation papers and other media outlets seemed to add credence to the arsonist theory.

Sydney’s flight home was uneventful; unpack, multiple loads of…

A Partial Response to Senator Claire Chandler

It is with reluctance that I write this opinion piece on two grounds. I don’t have the benefit of Parliamentary Privilege to comment on Transgender People. Secondly, as a cis-gender transgender ally, I might lead to the continued exclusion of transgender voices in this discussion.

Senator Chandler’s article in The Australian on the 10th of December, which was an extract from her speech in the Senate on the 9th of December, does require a response. (

Australian Senator Claire Chandler (State of Tasmania) — Source The Australian

The Senator connected two issues, firstly a decision in a court in the UK and its apparent relevance to Australia around transgender youth having…

There has been some press even here in Australia around JK Rowling’s recent Tweets and subsequent blog article around her concerns with transgender people. On the one hand, she is supportive; on the other hand, wants to put limits.

Pretty quickly three high profile actors (Daniel Radcliff, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint) from her famous Harry Potter series movies came out extending their full support for the transgender community and politely challenged Rowling on her views. Additionally, Eddie Redmayne (from the Harry Potter spin-off film series Fantastic Beasts) has also come out fully supporting transgender people.

Her defending blog is quite…

There is ongoing media discussion about the financial position of Virgin Australia, and whether or not they should receive Federal Government Support to ensure post-COVID-19 we have a level competition in the domestic aviation market in Australia.

Qantas is in a financially stronger position and is complaining that if Virgin Australia is offered financial support, then they should as well even if they don’t need it. Qantas has longed for a monopoly aviation market in Australia.

For business and tourism to flourish post-COVID-19, we do need some effective competition in the aviation market.

Just think of what would happen to…

The globe is going crazy with the Coronavirus (COVID-19). My parents were only young kids in the great depression of the 1930s, so they didn’t have many stories to tell me. I started working in Australia in the mid-1980s, and I have seen several downturns, most notably in the late 1980s.

I have worked through the last recession in Australia, the Global Financial Crisis, and also SARS, actually going into China to work for a client being there when the crisis was over in China.

I had hoped that a number of the health crisis in recent times, and that…

Writing about other businesses, as a business person and company director is always risky. Will I or one of the organisations I am involved with fall foul of compliance issues, making me look like a pompous twat?

But if we can’t discuss this in an open forum, then I suggest we are merely hiding our head in the sand.

In this article, I will use George Calombaris’s restaurant group as the case study, like most I don’t know the ins and outs of his organisations, nor do I know Mr Calombaris, and I certainly don’t mean him any harm. …

The following comes from my submission to the Australian Commonwealth Attorney General on Exposure Draft #2 of the proposed Religious Freedom Bills to be presented to the Australian Parliamant in 2020.

By way of background, I am a businessman owning and operating a boutique consulting firm, sit on a number of boards, am an educator of company directors, a Christian heavily involved in my denomination at practically every level with a variety of leadership roles, a father of two young adult children and a member of the LGBTIQ community.

It is from all these different perspectives that I have a…

Advent is one of those strange times in Australia. A time of preparation for the birth of Jesus. With Easter and Lent, when many people use Lent as a time of reflection, going without, giving things up. Advent, unfortunately, is often filled with end of school plays and presentation, work Christmas functions. You are maybe trying to catch up with those people you haven’t seen all year, Christmas shopping, getting the family arrangements made and preparing the Christmas meal. Some might even try to fit in a visit or two to Church.

A time when we reflect on families — are you happy for your family members to be discriminated against?

When you do have a brief moment to…

For most people outside of Australia, you would not have heard of a sports person called Israel Folau. As a younger man, he played Rugby League very successfully. He then moved to play Australian Rules Football (Australia’s unique code of football) and then following the money, he had a very successful career playing Rugby Union in both a Super Rugby franchise team and for the Australian national team.

He also changed faith from being a Mormon to a Christian, and people are free to change their faith over their lives. …

Jason Masters

Business leader, LGBTIQ Advocate, Gay, Christian, Author, Occasional Blogger, Father, Traveller

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