A Response to Dr Pertot Opinion Piece regarding Transgender People and Psychology

A Partial Response to Senator Claire Chandler

It is with reluctance that I write this opinion piece on two grounds. I don’t have the benefit of Parliamentary Privilege to comment on Transgender People. Secondly, as a cis-gender transgender ally, I might lead to the continued exclusion of transgender voices in this discussion.

Senator Chandler’s article in The…

There has been some press even here in Australia around JK Rowling’s recent Tweets and subsequent blog article around her concerns with transgender people. On the one hand, she is supportive; on the other hand, wants to put limits.

Pretty quickly three high profile actors (Daniel Radcliff, Emma Watson, Rupert…

There is ongoing media discussion about the financial position of Virgin Australia, and whether or not they should receive Federal Government Support to ensure post-COVID-19 we have a level competition in the domestic aviation market in Australia.

Qantas is in a financially stronger position and is complaining that if Virgin…

Advent is one of those strange times in Australia. A time of preparation for the birth of Jesus. With Easter and Lent, when many people use Lent as a time of reflection, going without, giving things up. Advent, unfortunately, is often filled with end of school plays and presentation, work…

Jason Masters

Business leader, LGBTIQ Advocate, Gay, Christian, Disability, Author, Occasional Blogger, Father, Traveller

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